1. Sports on Betwinner
  2. Who is Betwinner?
  3. Football
  4. Cricket
  5. eSports
  6. Conclusion

Sports on Betwinner

Sports betting is a popular type of gambling and it is becoming more and more popular in Africa. Moreover, the African and Asian continents have more and more online sportsbooks. Football is, of course, among the most popular sports. You can also find it on Betwinner.

Who is Betwinner?

Betwinner is a sports betting company and an online casino available in multiple African and Asian countries. Even if it is a new company, it has gained a great reputation among the players who love adrenaline. The platform provides services of sports betting. Online. However, which are the most popular sports on Betwinner?

betwinner sports betting


When it comes to football, Betwinner is a great site with great odds for its players. You can easily place a bet on this sport, on different markets. Moreover, you may use Betwinner APK if you don’t want to bet from your PC.

By using Betwinner official site sports betting, you can bet:

If you choose the pre match option, you can easily make a bet before the match begins. However, if you want to follow the results of a match and bet during the match, you may use the live option.


Cricket is among the most popular sports of Betwinner. Sports betting on cricket include betting on a match result. With Betwinner, you may also choose the winner of a match. This type of sports betting can be made through specialised betting platforms, such as Betwinner, or at physical bookmakers.

The eSports

The sports betting on eSports includes betting on the online games. This type of betting is very popular and on Betwinner you are going to find the majority of video games that you love, such as:

eSportAvailable on Betwinner?
Dota 2
League of Legends


The African and Asian market has a lot to offer to its players. If you love online sports betting, don’t hesitate to try Betwinner. Moreover, the sportsbook has great odds to offer you and a great welcome bonus of up to 130% of your first deposit. Start now!

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